Project Tuisse

Browse the Internet along your tribe.

Hello everyone! My name is Sergio Sánchez and I am writing this from Madrid (Spain) where I currently live.

I was 10 years old when my parents bought our first computer for the house. It was 2003 and none of us really knew how to use it, but they considered it relevant for our education.

It still took us another year to hear about the Internet and how to connect to it (56Kbps modem!) but since then, I have spent an average of 2-3 hours a day browsing the Internet just for learning and entertainment.

After receiving a lot from the Internet and its people, this project is just my way of giving back. I hope you find it useful.

What is this project about?

The project assumes the following 3 hypothesis are true:

1) We love related content.

Once we get passionate about a concrete topic (e.g., Russian literature, Asian food, classic cars, rental properties…whatever!) we just want more and more related content to learn everything about it.

However, it can be hard to find the most suitable content (e.g., blogpost/video) because we rely mainly on search engines and recommendation algorithms.

Why are we not paying enough attention to genuine recommendations from other human beings?

2) We call for a tribe.

Before the Internet, tribes were formed around family, religion or geographical proximity. 

Today, tribes are formed around a shared passion, regardless of age, occupation or location.

This tool helps users to find their digital tribe (based on common content they are reading/watching at the moment) and collaborate (by sharing and rating related content).

3) We enjoy collaboration.

Once we have found our tribe, offering and taking suggestions from our peers enriches our browsing experience.

You can add value to your tribe by sharing and rating useful content, but you can also leverage your tribe to find the best content for you.

In summary: it’s all about genuine recommendations from real people with shared interests.

This tool is currently under development, but if you feel like collaborating on this project, just ping me at or use the contact form below.

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